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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in HK, Back on Track

I'm back in HK after 5 weeks in the states (+ Jamaica). I'm happy that although my eating did go awry here and there while I travelled, I exercised as often as I could. I even joined a gym in my little home town and went as regularly as possible. I worked one on one with Carroll, the owner of the gym 2-3 times per week. He taught me a lot! (and now he's my buddy). Even more impressive (to me, at least), I went to the gym while in Jamaica and while at Myrtle Beach later on. I worked hard to get to the gym in MB. It was at the hotel where my nieces and nephews were staying, there was no gym at my little condo 3 miles away.
I think that's the thing that has saved me...'EXERCISE' I am the same weight I was when I left HK but feel great. I have truly made the change that I always talked about and can now say I am an exerciser. I'm proud of that fact - exercise is a part of my daily life now. :-)

I have been working hard on the eliptical (or as Carroll calls it, the Cross trainer). It's non-impact and doesn't hurt me at all. Even if I get on it and at the beginning I'm hurting (not from exercise but because I woke up hurting), the pain is gone by the time I've worked for 5-8 minutes. Having knee surgeries twice in 7 months did suck BUT it taught me that I have to exercise because without it, I hurt. As I've said before, exercises releases the pain I have - and it goes.

While in SC, I did the eliptical on average 4 times per week and each time I did it a minimum of 45 min. My goal is to do it 1 hour 5 x per week with weight training 2-3 times. Yesterday was Monday (almost certainly making today Tuesday). I went to the American Club in Tai Tam and did 55 min on the eliptical, keeping my HR up to 145 most of that time. I did go up to level 15 and maintained that for a while..... it was nice. My goal is to be able to do level 20 without making the machine pause. :-) I also did some weight training, ball work, 50 sit-ups and a few mat exercises while there. Carroll asked me to give him a list of the machines they have at my gym and he'd work out a program for me. That is super cool. I asked for the list yesterday and will collect it today.

I'm vaguely doing South Beach phase 2. I need to get less vague about it because I want to lose some more weight. I have been more precise today.... and that is surely up to me.

There were a couple.... a few times in SC when I bought 'Moose Tracks' ice cream...... man that stuff is good. A couple of times I had chocolate parties. (only I was invited). I also ate at Chick-fil-A on average 3 times per week. (chick-fil-a on a whole wheat bun w/ coleslaw and unsweet iced tea). Man that was *G*O*O*D*.

My old feelings of guilt and disgust came back each time but I have learned the lesson that if I sit around feeling bad about occasional bad choices, it empowers them and blows the occasional indulgences WAY out of ProPOrtiOn. (It's like being on stage and experiencing love from everyone in the audience.... but way back in the back is ONE person who doesn't like you or your performance.... and you forget all the love and positive attention so you can focus on that ONE BAD THING). That's how I stayed stuck in that cycle before. I am not going to play that game.

Yay Becky.

Here's a picture of me with my sister's son in law, Donnie. I'm posting this picture because it shows changes in my face that remind me of how I used to look.

I'm getting my face back. (uh... nice chest Donnie)


kerfin said...

mom discovers how to use colour in her entries.

a.better.life said...

I L*O*V*E* color - with or without the 'u'.

Stella said...

Becky you sound wonderful. I'm so happy that you found a trainer to help you. If you have the opportunity look for a magazine called Clean Eating. I found it at Target and have made a couple of the recipes for my family and they have loved them. I think they have a web site but haven't checked it out yet. Keep up the good work my friend, you'll reach your goal before you know it. I've been running about 4 times a week. Can't say I love it but it has helped me drop to the final 5 pounds. Currently I don't plan on returning to FR. I learned a lot while there and think I can maintain on my own. Keep in touch. Email me if you have time.