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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yay! August is over . . . . . . . . !

I like the fun things you can do in summer, BBQ's, being on a boat, swimming, becoming blonder for free. . I love how I feel when swimming at night and sitting on the beach with a slight chill.  . . but I hate the heat. Always have, always will (probably). It gets to me.
I'm glad August is over. Sorry if that's your birthday month - I missed it by 2 days myself.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exercising at the gym in the American Club out in Tai Tam (30 min drive out in the country) It's not crowded, the machines are great and the view is really out of this world. I love their elipticals there because when I'm trying to cool down, they let me go as slow as I want without beeping and pausing every two seconds. Sometimes I put the machine up to Maximum - level 25 - so I can work my butt harder (it's like climbing a mountain). The machines in Tai Tam allow me to go slow at that level and I really love that. The ones at the American's Club's Central gym (downtown), beep and pause and just generally over-react to everything....and it's so annoying.
so yes, I'm still exercising regularly and I actually get excited about going to the gym. I have built up great workout playlists and am always updating new songs. I consider it dancing and my hardest part of the workout is when a song like 'Boom Boom Pow' or 'One' (by Creed) comes on and I keep the beat. I can do that now.... but usually wait until at least 30 min warm up time first.

About a week after my last post here, I was at the gym with Pat and his mom and I asked him if he'd take a picture of me on my eliptical so I could post it here and show the harbour view (and me).  I thought beforehand that it may be a bad idea to do that - to mess with the fantasies I have in my head about how athletic I must look when I workout. But I have risen above a lot of things and was sure it would be okay. I have even gotten to the point now that I don't feel like an outsider in the gym. I had considered working out for years in that gym but never did because I thought that all the people in great shape would wonder what someone in my shape is doing in there. Since going regularly though, I am at home there and feel that I totally belong. I made friends with the staff (of course) and now recognize the regulars (who are not all in great shape).
It knocked me for a loop for about a week and I could only go back to the gym by being in complete denial about how I really look. I am apparently a great fantasizer.
As far as eating goes, I'm ok but still not seriously dieting. I'm kind of playing games. I think I may have mentioned before how I'd gotten into the habit of eating ice cream (specifically Moose Tracks) when I was in SC this summer. Then when returning to HK and having sort of an "I hate Hong Kong" meltdown, I started back up with Cookies & Cream. Since I have been exercising 4-5 times per week (absolute truth and I'm delighted about that), I haven't gained more weight. I'm standing at the same 4-6 lbs above my weight when returning from Utah. That ain't great but it shows the power of exercise for me. I do eat healthy food every day....I've added other junk too, there's the problem - that's the stuff I pay attention to.
I did make one positive move recently after sitting down and thinking about my comittment here: I am saying absolutely NO to ice cream. I won't have it anymore and haven't for a week now. It's a slippery invitation into that world where I eat any and everything and I won't do this.
That's a plus.
I also ordered more clothes for workouts and they've arrived. They're all a size smaller and they are in great colors. I must say though that it's really hard to wear clothes that fit me and are not loose. They don't hide stuff, but I do believe they look better on me.
It's not easy - but I'm not having ice cream over it.


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